Our Products

1. Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated Sheet can be ordered in various sizes and quality as per customer needs. Our product can also be ordered in small quantity. This product range includes :  Single Wall, Double Wall, Triple Wall, and Single Face.


2. Corrugated Carton Box

We produce many kinds of model, shapes and also quality as well as various strength of carton box, from small box to large dimension box which can be ordered according to the customers specification. We also produce customized box shapes for customers who required unique design of packaging.Our company also very famous for heavy duty box which quality and strength are exceptional compared to all of our competitors.

3. Honeycomb Sheet

The main advantage of using this product is for its strength in supporting heavy load and can be made to various kind of use and products. Honeycomb sheet can be used as supporting layer for paper pallet or can be made as the partition, corner protection and support in shipping and heavy duty packaging. Paper honeycomb can also be used in the furniture and interior industries for the inner filling of doors, furniture and walls to produce a light weight, low cost and environmentally friendly products.

4. Paper Pallet

Customers can order paper pallet in various sizes, thickness, model and quality. Our paper pallet can be build to support weight from as light as 300 Kg to as heavy as 2000 Kg. The main advantage of using paper pallet is for its light weight, recyclable and free of fumigation which makes this product very ideal for companies which exporting their product. 

5. Other Paper Product

Besides all the product that has been stated, we also produced many other paper based product such as pressed paper and pressed paper corner that can be ordered in various thickness adan sizes as per customer need. Please contact our marketing for complete range of our product.