Our Company

PT. Makmur Rekasantika is a  manufacturing and trading company that main business is focused on paper based  product (Corrugated Carton Box and Honeycomb Sheet). We manu- facture packaging product such as corrugated carton box and corrugated carton sheet as well non packaging product such as paper pallet, honeycomb sheet, pressed paper and pressed paper corner and many other product that is made by paper.

Founded in 1994, the office and factory were located in the South of Bandung area on  50.000 m2 of land. Currently the company employs more than 200 skilled workers and backed by modern and high quality machinery.

After more than a decade, the company still maintains their quality, flexibility and innovation to meet the market demand that is changing. Currently, we have customers all across Indonesia.

We always maintain the customer satisfaction by giving a competitive price with the best possible quality. Our product were also varies from standard packaging boxes that were used by food and beverage product to specially design boxes that size and model can be made as per customer demand. Also honeycomb sheet and pressed paper were made in various sizes and quality that can be ordered as it is or as a package with the carton box. This makes us the one stop solution for all your packaging needs.

Our company is experience in producing carton box and many other paper product that is high quality and reliable. We offer one of the most complete selection of paper that some of them are not widely available in Indonesia such as Kraft Liner which offer higher durability for customer who need extra strength packaging material. We also offer common paper such as Test Liner, Medium, Core Board and White Kraft. With the selections of paper that we have, we can produce any quality of boxes that our customers demand, from light weight carton box to heavy-duty over sized box.

Product Benefits

Carton box has been widely used in our daily life, mainly for industrial packaging such as textile, food and beverage and many other industries that needs packaging and also for personal used such  as storage.


The main use of carton box is to protect what's inside the package against external and internal force, and the stronger the box to prevent from damaging, the higher the quality and thickness of the paper that were used. Packaging also gives the identity of  the product that is inside it, and carton box is one of the easiest packaging materials to be labeled with.
Beside all of this, all of our product and byproduct can be recycled. We also offer many type of paper for customers that are more concerned with the environment such as Unbleached Kraft Liner which is made from virgin pulp and processed without the use of any paper coloring. Most of our wastes were sent back to paper mill to be recycled; this is just a small commitment from our part to become a more environmentally friendly company.

Our Vision

Become one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of Corrugated Carton Box and Honeycomb Sheet in Indonesia.

Our Mision

Innovative in the development of carton box product
Giving a competitive price
Giving customer satisfaction by providing  quality product and reliable service
Providing a varieties product for customer to chose
Increasing production capacity and productivity